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Conscious Crafting in Community

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"[Kelly] Lambert believes that we have an innate need to do hands-on work that produces tangible results and that this could actually be an antidote to many forms of depression".

... Kathryn Vercillo, Crochet Saved My Life


... having the time and space to enjoy creating with nothing to drag your attention away

... crafting in quiet, purposeful companionship where you can explore your creativity consciously

... sharing skills, relaxing, de-stressing and doing what you love doing

... a nurturing space where you can stretch and grow as well as your project

Creative Contemplations offers all this – and more. Creating with your hands is not only a useful skill, but also good for your mental, physical and spiritual health. The aim of a Creative Contemplations retreat is to offer space to explore your creativity in a quiet, purposeful setting. Our key goal is for you to take back into your lives the valuable realisation that crafting can be a simple and accessible form of meditation - with the added bonus of something lovely you have made!

We provide a basic structure to our day or weekend retreats, guidance on mindful crafting, and a gentle nurturing space to enable you to immerse yourself in creating. Our aim is for you to leave your retreat feeling destressed, calmer and possibly with a new skill to take away and enrich your life.

We are very keen for novices to come along. We have some beginner-leve  communal crafts to learn on and add to, as well as some low-cost beginner projects to buy and take away. We believe you will find the experience of working with your hands in quiet companionship with others highly restorative.

For seasoned crafters, this is an opportunity to have dedicated time to do what you love doing.

Knitting is the new yoga

Research is revealing that crafting offers a wide range of benefits, from a sense of achievement to entering a meditative state. It seems that the repetitive motions and focus required when working with textiles can offer a way into a state of "flow” – a state of concentration or complete absorption...


Meditative crafting day retreats, Beech Hill community

Karen's blog

Join us for a meditation-based day offering time and space to focus on your creativity

This is a day for you to recharge your batteries and take time to be creative, meditate and be nurtured. It is a rare thing to find the time to sit and create mindfully without distractions. You are here to do just that. 

Delicious vegetarian lunch included - and an afternoon tea with cake - including gluten-free and vegan. There will be periods of silent crafting, meditation and qi gong, as well as plenty of opportunities to relax and swap expertise.

Although Beech Hill is in the wilds of mid Devon, it is accessible by public transport and we will be offering a shuttle from Morchard Road train and bus stop.


Mostly yarn-based musings on meditation and mindfulness - although I do go off at a tangent on occasion!

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