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Conscious Crafting in Community

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“Often, when I sewed, I would slip into a meditative state, almost as if I'd become one with the fabric and thread. At these times, I felt a kind of release that was almost like happiness.” 

... Gioia Diliberto, The Collection

Conscious Crafting

On our Christmas list is a tote bag that parodies Dr Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. 'I will knit on a goat, I will knit on a boat, I will knit on a train, I will knit in the rain...' - well, you get the idea.

Much as we love, and covet, this bag - it also highlights a slight problem, which is that we are often not crafting in a conscious way. In other words, we are not truly  focussing on what we are doing. 

And even if we are concentrating - if we are wrestling with Shetland lace, for instance (yes, wrestling is the right word) there can be a sense of driveness - we are trying to get to the end of the row, or finish this block of stitches.

Our Conscious Crafting sessions offer us the opportunity to consciously create stitch by stitch, enjoy the feel of the materials we are using, and bring to mind the people we are creating for. This is akin to meditation.

Each session will begin with a short 'settle' to bring us fully into our environment. In order to provide a deep sense of focus we minimise distractions; no chores to do, no screens, minimal conversation. We are aiming for an atmosphere similar to one you would expect in a library (reference section, not children’s!). 

We also like to introduce silence for a period of the sessions. The length of silence will be agreed at the start and will be by concensus. We believe the sense of harmony and peace that will arise from a group of people silently creating together will be very powerful.

We hope that what you will take away from these sessions is something you can practice on your own, even if for just a few minutes a day, to reap the benefits that a focussed meditative state can bring.