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Conscious Crafting in Community

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Purls of wisdom

I enjoyed knitting but saw it as a means to an end – so if the end didn’t work out so well, and let’s face it, that happens more often that we would like – I would feel disenchanted.

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The fabric of my mindfulness

It is a sunny August day, the sun is shining and I am in my cold dark office writing a blog. This has led to some sulking on my part – and a strong urge to escape into the garden with my crochet hook.

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Karen's blog

Musings on attempting to train my untamed mind and keep on top of an unruly crafting habit.


"Creative Contemplations began for me at the age of six, when, with much wrinkling of the brow, I created a ragged mess of cream wool with holes and no two edges the same. It grew in no particular direction, and turned into no particular thing. "

Purls of wisdom...


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